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"I'm proud that PG&E goes beyond what's required and takes the lead to protect wildlife habitats, wilderness areas, water resources, and the air." Debbie Fudge
Senior Environmental Specialist, serving PG&E customers and communities since 1983.

Producing, transporting, and distributing energy can impact the environment and the use and management of natural resources. PG&E recognizes the responsibility we have to our communities, and society as a whole, to produce, transport, and distribute energy in a way that minimizes our impact on our natural surroundings and complies with all applicable environmental laws. To ensure that we fulfill our responsibility, PG&E has put in place policies, systems, and processes to monitor our activities and performance, to work constructively with regulators and impacted communities, and to identify and implement innovative initiatives and partnerships to find new ways to do more with less.

This section provides information on PG&E’s overall environmental stewardship and presents detailed information on our current and historic performance over a variety of environmental reporting metrics. Information on our 2003 environmental-related charitable contributions, volunteer programs, and environmental justice programs is provided in the OUR COMMUNITIES section of this report.

Summary information on our environmental performance can be found in the series of tables included at the end of this section. The information contained in this table is generally consistent with information provided in past years’ Summary Environmental Reports. The primary difference between information included in the tables included in this section this year and last year is that this year’s report does not include performance data on the operations of National Energy & Gas Transmission, Inc. (formerly PG&E National Energy Group), reflecting the separation of its operations from PG&E Corporation’s operations in 2003.


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Our environment
Continuing our Commitment to Improvement
Operational Performance
Air emissions and Climate Change
Improving Energy Efficiency for Our Company and Our Customers
Promoting CleaN Air Transportation
Expanding and promoting the Use of Renewable energy and distributed generation
Waste minimization
Environmental Litigation and Liability
Promoting Environmental education in our communities
Remediation of Past Actions
Working with Environmental and Conservation Groups
Working with Others in the Business Community
Awards in 2003
Environmental Performance Summary Tables
Employee Actions Making a Difference
PG&E Strengthens Its Commitment to Facilitate the Development and Deployment of Clean Energy Technologies
Preserving Lands for Future Generations
Working to Protect Endangered Species
Peregrines Return
Balancing Security and Safety With Public Use and Education
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