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Robert L. Harris

“We encourage employees to have a passion for environmental stewardship—for going above and beyond. That’s why so many employees volunteer for our Earth Day program, why we have so many nominees for our Environmental Leadership Award, why we are recognized for innovative approaches to habitat and species protection, and why we have gone to great lengths to provide a home for a family of peregrines.” | more »

Robert L. Harris
Vice President
Environmental Affairs

We recognize that the choices we make about the way we produce and deliver our products and serve our customers can have a direct impact on the environment. Our employees, customers, communities, shareholders, and regulators recognize this too; they have an interest in how we make these choices and in understanding their impacts. We continually strive to find new ways to improve our processes, measure our progress, communicate our performance, and partner with others to find more resource-efficient and more environmentally responsible ways to meet our customers' needs.

Photo Above: One of the Peregrines that resides at our Utility's headquarters building in downtown San Francisco.

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